Undergraduate courses:

Mt. Kenya at Dawn
Mt Kenya at Dawn
  • ANT 1: Introduction to Biological Anthropology
  • ANT 5: Proseminar: The Nature of Human Origins
  • ANT 54: Introduction to Primatology (most recently)
  • ANT 98: Group Study in Primate Evolution
  • ANT 151: Primate Evolution (most recently)
  • ANT 154A: Primate Behavioral Ecology (most recently)
  • ANT 154C: Field Methods in Primate Behavioral Ecology
  • ANT 154CL: Laboratory in Primate Behavioral Ecology
  • ANT 158: The Biological Bases of Sex Differences
  • ANT 198: Group Research at CNPRC (Primate Center)
  • DHC: Davis Honors Challenge Seminar: Should Great Apes be Given Human Rights?
  • Hominid Evolutionary Ecology (at Rutgers)
  • Field Methods in Ecology and Primate Behavioral Ecology (in Kenya)
An African Sunset

Graduate seminars and courses:

  • ANT 202: History and Development of Physical Anthropology
  • ANT 250: Primate Behavioral Ecology
  • ANT 254: Special Topics: Ecological Determinants of Female Social Relationships
  • ANT 254: Special Topics: Ecological Bases of Primate Social Systems
  • ANT 258: Reproductive Strategies of Females
  • ANT 298: Group Study in Primate Behavioral Ecology
  • ANT 298: Group Study in Primate Visual Systems
  • ANT 298: Group Study: Eve’s Legacy